Easily integrated into your production line, our range of Print and Apply labelling systems are reliable, flexible, robust and can be configured for a wide range of applications.

FEATURE COMPARISON Domino M230i-CW100 Domino M230i-P150 Domino M230i-T4/T6
Label Positions Top or Side Top + Side/Back/Front Side + Back/Front Front, Side or Back Front + Side or Back + Side Front, Side and Back Top, Bottom or Side
Typical labels per minute 12-15 6 10-85
Print Resolution 300dpi 300dpi 300dpi
Recommended label sizes 75x150mm to 110x254mm 60x40mm to 150x210mm 32x55mm to 150x210mm
Label & Ribbon lengths 600m 600m 600m
Max distance to product 280mm 500mm 560 mm
Graphic codes
Compressed air required?
QuickStep - simple user interface
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